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Default PC-Doctor 5 for Windows

PC-Doctor 5 for Windows

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PC-Doctor for Windows delivers dramatically lower support costs by reducing the frequency of ?no trouble found? product returns and speeding resolution of customer-reported problems. Leading computer makers have pre-installed over 100 million copies of PC-Doctor for Windows on computer systems worldwide.

Key Features
? More than 200 diagnostic tests cover all major PC subsystems including CPU, memory, system board,
storage, audio, graphics, networking, and peripherals I/O
? Direct System Information collects data from multiple sources to provide an accurate and thorough
system view
? Small footprint on end user hard drives
? Customizable test scripts support specific system configurations and customer requirements
? Can be used to solve problems remotely
? Easy-to-use graphical interface can be customized to simplify the user experience and advance the
PC manufacturers brand
? Common technology base with PC-Doctor 5 Factory and PC-Doctor Service Center 5 products for
improved failure and trend analysis
? Value-added services available from PC-Doctor include OEM customer support and training,
diagnostic library updates, application and development consulting
? Localized in 11 languages
? Compatible with current versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 2000,
Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows PE
? Alternative versions available for DOS, Linux, and Windows PE.
? DOS and Windows PE versions can test systems that fail to boot into Windows

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