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KORG M1 Collection

KORG M1 Collection
Click the image to open in full size.
File Size: 21.5 MB
This is a Mind boggling collection of KORG M1 Combinations and Program Banks, that has something for everyone
and spans most musical styles.
The Majority of these banks have been converted from (now un-available) cards for the original hardware KORG M1 and they have been converted to sysex (.syx) files that can be imported into the software (Korg Legacy Digital Edition) version of this legendary synth.
The RAR will extract to a 21.5MB folder containing the following folders:
Korg M1 3300 progs & 900 combis
Korg M1 Adam Smialek
Korg M1 Alexis Charlet
Korg M1 Dan Nordtop
Korg M1 Dr Evil
Korg M1 EasySounds Universal Collection
Korg M1 Factor SoundHood
Korg M1 GreenHouse
Korg M1 Hitaye
Korg M1 Hybrid
Korg M1 K.S.R.E
Korg M1 Key Clique, Inc
Korg M1 Korg M1M1EX Internal Preload Banks
Korg M1 Korg MPC ROM cards
Korg M1 Korg MSC ROM cards sets
Korg M1 Korg T-Series Internal Preload Banks
Korg M1 Legacy Pro Rec Super
Korg M1 Legacy Pro Rec Super Dance
Korg M1 Legacy ProRec Film Textures
Korg M1 Leister
Korg M1 LiveWire
Korg M1 M1 Plus One
Korg M1 M-Factor
Korg M1 MIDI Users Group
Korg M1 MSP
Korg M1 New Man Studio
Korg M1 Opcode Invision
Korg M1 PA-Decoder
Korg M1 PA-Decoder1
Korg M1 Rodrigo Lopez
Korg M1 SoundSations!
Korg M1 Tim Loepp
Korg M1 Valhala
Have fun exploring all these great ROM Cards for the KORG M1!
Download Here: Password: ozmosis
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