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The little mermaid 2 [NTSC/DVDR][Language,Subts:English,Spanish Latino,Portuguese]


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The little mermaid 2 [NTSC/DVDR][Language,Subts:English,Spanish Latino,Portuguese]

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Original Title: The little mermaid 2, Return to the sea (La sirenita 2, Regreso al mar)
Year: 2000
Duration: 77 mins.
Country: United States
Director: Jim Kammerud, Brian Smith
Starring: Animation
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Genero: Animación. Musical. Aventuras. Child.

Synopsis: Ariel and Prince Eric live happily ever since they finally got married, overcoming all the obstacles they faced in "The Little Mermaid" and both are parents of a baby girl, Melody. Now that the evil Ursula no longer exist, life smiles at Ariel and the rest of the family. However, the arrival of the sister of Ursula, Morgana, jeopardizes the future of small. To protect his daughter, Ariel and Eric decide not to speak of the past as a mermaid Ariel, and build a great wall to keep the isolated castle of the sea.

Languages and subtitles in English, Spanish Latino, Portuguese.
34 files of 100 Mb
01 files 3.28 Mb
Total 03.32 GB
(Movie 3.75 GB uncompressed)
Contains original menu, Extras, Trailer.
Format: Fullscreen.


Code:   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part35.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part34.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part33.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part32.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part31.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part30.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part29.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part28.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part27.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part26.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part25.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part24.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part23.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part22.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part21.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part20.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part19.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part18.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part17.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part16.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part15.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part14.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part13.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part12.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part11.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part10.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part09.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part08.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part07.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part06.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part05.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part04.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part03.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part02.rar   TheLittleMermaid2_Return_to_the_sea.part01.rar

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Default Little mermaid ii

why not rapidshare ?

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la sirenita 2 ntsc latino netload

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